The Best Time to Sell My home?

People often ask „When is the greatest time to list home for sale?” My response to that is „Whenever you are ready.” sell my house DC

A lot of people try to analyze and predict the best time to list their house. The reality is, there really is no best time/worst time. Some people think it is best to list in the spring when there is more activity and you will find more buyers out looking that is also what other home sellers also think so there are lots of other houses for anyone buyers to choose from. More competition for you house. Yes, good houses sell faster in the year but so will the excellent house you are trying to get. You could get multiple offers around the home you are selling then be competing with other buyers for that house you want to purchase. Stop foreclosure DC

It really is commonly thought that around Christmas is not an good time to list. While it’s true that sales activity drops off considerably in December you may still find buyers looking, not as many. You would get less potential buyers through your house, but any that did come it is possible to bet they are ready to buy. And there are less houses for buyers to select from. On a personal note, some time ago I was a ready buyer right around Christmas time and I remember being annoyed that there was nothing on the market when I was able to buy.

Some people want to make changes or improvements for their house such as painting, landscaping, flooring etc before they list. Doing might be found are generally a good idea to make your house more salable however when they are complete, get a house for sale! Regardless of the time of year it is.

Also, prices don’t fluctuate that much based on seasonality. House prices generally usually do not drop in the winter as many folks think. You are not going to make a bunch more money by waiting before spring.

People should base their decision on personal matters including, when the new job starts, retirement, if the kids finish school or financial problems etc. Or they view a house they adore. Those are real life reasons.

There are always ready sellers and buyers out there looking to make a change in their housing, so really, don’t come to a decision to move based on the real estate market, make it based on when YOU are ready to move.


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